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Roll of Honour

The Introduction

Since some of our Nationals Trophies are being replaced because of lack of space for new names, or just because they are starting to look a bit tatty, I decided as the retiring Trophy Officer I would record these details for posterity. I have limited the information I have provided, since to record all the results for all ten Nationals Races plus all the other age related National awards, would form a massive document and would I feel, lose some of it’s impact

I found the information up to 1994 from a list in the 1995 Miracle Association Year Book this list was prepared by Barry Goacher, our Race Secretary, at that time. Subsequent information I have taken directly from the actual trophies or from our Nationals Race Results or information current holders have copied for me, I would like to thank them all for their help There are some obvious missing gaps in this information, mostly where details are missing from the individual trophies and also, sometimes, the details of the winners home Clubs.

If any Members can update this missing data please let us know

My hope is that this Roll of Honour will be incorporated on our Website and kept up to date. Also, a big thank you to all those winners who have spent some time to record and send me all the details from their currently held trophies.

I hope you therefore enjoy the summary listed in the menu

John Tippett -

Retiring trophy officer