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Newton Crum Newton Crum Insurers  For many years we have maintained an excellent working relationship with Newton Crum insurers - by joining the Association and insuring with them you will be helping the club.

 For over 59 years insuring Britain’s sailors, better.

Miracle   Insurance

Cover and Premium for:   

            Sun Insured          £5M Third party Only                   Including

                 n/a £26.oo            n/a   

           £   100    a/a          £28.oo                                 Racing

           £   500 a/a             £36.oo                                 12 months use

           £   800 a/a             £39.oo                                           Fire

           £1,000 a/a             £41.oo                                           Theft

           £1,500 a/a             £43.oo                                           Collision

           £2,000 a/a             £46.oo                                           Transit damage

           £2,500 a/a             £49.oo                                           Launching

           £3,000 a/a             £52.oo                                          UK + C.I.

           £3,500 a/a             £59.oo                                           Trips to E.U.

           £4,000 a/a             £64.oo

           £4,500 a/a             £69.oo

           £5,000 a/a             £74.oo


Telephone: 01702 710 041

or visit www.newtoncrum.com

Newton Crum Insurance, 839 London Road,

Westcliff, Essex, SS0 9TE

“All the people involved in my claim were extremely helpful and speedy in their responses.  This is our

second claim in our sailing history and it is so good to see standards as high now as they were years ago.  Many, many thanks”.