End of Season Championship

   Draycote Sailing Club

  10thOctober 2015

     Report and results

Report by John Tippett

Pos  Club Sail No Points

1 Ethan Plank & Jeremy Davy Draycote Water 4023 3

2 Dave Butler & Ross Fleming Welton 39 3

3 Brian Jones & Paul Cook Maidenhead 4064 4

4 John Tippett & Kathy Boulton Draycote Water 4020 6

5 Graham Watts & Helen Jacks Staunton Harold 3840 7

6 David & Jean Reed Girton 4052 12

7 Helen & Mary Stewart Draycote Water 1352 14

8 Godfrey Winn & Caroline Noel Draycote Water 2895 19

Ethan Plank aged 13, crewed by stepdad Jeremy Davy, won the Miracle End of Season Championships held at Draycote Water Sailing Club on Saturday 10th October

All three races were sailed in an Easterly breeze Force 2 to 3 over a Standard Olympic Course, ( triangles and sausages) with one discard race.

Early in Race1 Ethan and Jeremy, at their home Club, showed their potential, starting at the Committee boat end then tacking onto Port to get a lift off the Clubhouse bank to be first at the Windward Mark. Dave Butler and crew Ross Fleming (Welton S.C) rounded in second place followed by Brian Jones and Paul Cook (Maidenhead S.C.) and Graham Watts and Helen Jacks (Staunton Harold S.C.)

Subsequent laps became very much of a procession with no place changes, Ethan and Jeremy extended their lead on each leg going on to win comfortably with the followers finishing in the same order as above

Race 2 saw Ethan having to duck back behind the line having been OCS at the start while the rest of the Fleet got away. Draycote sailors John Tippett and Kathy Boulton went left initially then worked the shifts up the middle of the course to round first followed by Brian and Paul and Ethan and Jeremy then Dave and Ross. But by the start of lap 3 Dave and Ross had moved up one place

On the last beat Dave went hard left and picked up a stronger breeze which lifted them to the top mark overtaking Brian and Paul and closing the gap with John and Kathy. On the subsequent and final run Dave and Ross applied the pressure, gaining an inside overlap at the Leeward mark, and on to cross the finish line in pole position, with John and Kathy second, Brian and Paul finished third with Ethan and Jeremy in fourth

All boats got cleanly away for Race 3 with Brian and Paul first at the Windward Mark followed by Ethan and Jeremy then Dave and Ross, John and Kathy and Graham and Helen.

On the next beat Dave and Ross had gone left again to find the same wind as they had before in Race 2 and established a considerable lead, also Graham and Helen had moved up to third place

This order stayed the same until the third and final lap ( Triangle ) when on the last reach with Dave Butler having about  a 200 metre lead and half the leg to go , he slipped , the boat capsized, and turned turtle .While they quickly righted their boat the rest of the pack sailed gaily by.

Thus the finishing sequence for Race 3 was first Brian and Paul, then Ethan and Jeremy, Graham and Helen, John and Kathy, and then Dave and Ross.

This left both Ethan Plank and Dave Butler each with 1st place and one 2nd place to count, but on count back to break the tie Ethan had a 4th to Dave’s 5th place discards. But for their unfortunate capsize Butler and Fleming would have taken the Championship –C’est la vie

Ethan Plank was then presented with the Miracle End of Season Champions Trophy; he thanked the Race Officers and the Organisers and commiserated with Dave Butler and Ross Fleming for their misfortune, but with a very smiley face.

John Tippett