Miracle Southern Area Championships 2015


Saturday 25th April dawned with a gentle breeze, sunshine and an Albacore open meeting greeted the travelling Miracles at Broadwater Sailing club for the Southern Area Championships. An afternoon start for the first race gave plenty of time for the 8 boats to get rigged and enjoy lunch provided by the club.

Race 1

The first race got off to a close start with a few shouts of rules but nothing came of it. Yvonne and Brian Mumford took to the front and quickly built an unassailable lead leaving everyone else to fight it out. Steve Fischer & Richard Fischer managed to pull away, and, with clean air, couldn’t quite be caught by the chasing pack. With some great gains to be had on the beats depending on how lucky you were with the shifts there were lots of position changes. Jack Turnbull and Abbey Mumford managed to grab 3rd on their first time sailing together.

Race 2

After a quick snack and tea break the second race went off with a similar pattern as Yvonne and Brian showed everyone the back of a clean boat. This time it was Brian Jones and Paul Cook who managed to pull clear of the pack and took off in pursuit, unfortunately to no avail. With great wind shifts all over the place 3rd again went to Jack and Abbey. Overnight Yvonne and Brian led with a three way tie for 2nd between Brian Jones, Jack Turnbull and Steve Fischer.

Race 3

Sunday morning arrived along with a distinct chill and whiff of delicious breakfast pasties from the club house. Another two club boats turned up bringing the total to 10 and racing got under way nice and early. A change to yesterday’s proceeding’s with this time Brian Jones and Paul Cook being the ones that shot off to be chased by Yvonne and Brian Mumford but despite a good fight Brian and Paul were successful. With a good start from Claire Medcalf & John Finnemore, 2132 along with the two new comers Pete Joseph & Grace Constant, 3403 and

Andy Cooney & Joyce Moon, 3633 left everyone working hard to fight for the same positions as yesterday. 3rd place eventually went to Claire and John.

Race 4

The race before lunch had all but planned out until the last beat. Yvonne and Brian were again too far ahead to be affected, but just as Jack & (Sunday crew) Hannah Mumford rounded the bottom mark there was a tremendous wind shift which left them pointing straight at the finish line. The boats ahead also had the benefit but they were too far ahead and over the lake. Brian & Paul managed to not lose too much ground and finished 2nd. Pete & Grace, Andy & Joyce and Jack & Hannah were left fighting all the way up to the committee boat where a last ditch tack from Jack stole 3rd from Andy Cooney & Joyce Moon and unfortunately relegating Pete Joseph & Grace Constant from 3rd to 6th, with everyone coming in for food talking about the near 90 degree shift.

Race 5

With the first two places decided 3rd place was still up for grabs with Steve Fischer, Jack Turnbull and Andy Cooney having an outside chance of grabbing 3rd. After working out what was needed to be done over a lovely warming lunch supplied by the club, the final race got underway. Something unusual greeted participants which was a semi steady breeze. Yvonne and Brian finished off as they had begun with a convincing win. Jack and Hannah managed to pull out of a congested pack and grab 2nd on the last beat, Brian & Paul had a switch round and held on to 3rd Steve & Pauline Fischer finishing 4th.

Great event had by all and many thanks to Barry Mellor for organising it all along with able help from other club members and all the galley staff.